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The hubby is out of town for a few days, so I have had pizza for dinner two nights in a row. Bad Gourmet Mama. I just end up exhausted after a day by myself with the babe. At least it’s good pizza (Vicolo cornmeal crust pizza, to be exact). But still.

I will also be using one of my favorite lazy tricks this evening for dessert (which I clearly deserve) — baking cookie dough that I made and froze in ready-to-go balls back on some more productive day. Comes in handy sometimes.

At least Nora is eating right this week, though. Last weekend I tested out a recipe for baby porridge shared here. I’ll admit, I tasted it before I popped it in the freezer, and it was good stuff. I’d totally eat it for breakfast.

Multigrain Porridge 
Adapted from this recipe

2/3 cup oats
1/2 cup quinoa
1/2 cup brown rice
4 dates, pitted
2 prunes, pitted
dash of cinnamon, allspice and/or other spices to taste

Good ingredients make good food... even for babies!

Cook the oats, quinoa and brown rice according to package directions. (I just did this all in the same pot, rinsing and wiping clean each time.) If you need a great method for perfect brown rice, here’s my favorite. Throw the dates, prunes and spices in with the oats while they’re cooking.


Cool slightly, add a bit of water and/or breast milk and blend or process in a food processor to your desired texture. Then serve it up to your munchkin, or pour into ice cube trays and freeze for later use.

Looks like breakfast!

Voila! Baby porridge.

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