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Bloody Marys

This week’s cocktail is a classic, but it’s one I had never made before last weekend. I’m really more of a mimosa girl when I’m drinking before noon — which, for the record, is not often — but circumstances dictated otherwise this time around.

I mentioned that we had people over to watch the Texas-OU game on Saturday, and the game started way early here on the West Coast.* Since it’s uncouth to serve beer at 9 am, Shiner Bock, our standard game-watching beverage, was out. Since we have tons of tomatoes these days, between our CSA and our own plants, we decided to juice them and make really homemade Bloody Marys instead.

*By this I mean it started early for drinking. We had already been up and at ’em for a good three hours around these parts, like we are most mornings, thanks to our little early bird!

I started by asking my good friend Google for advice on how to make a Bloody Mary, and I came upon this site, which is perhaps more comprehensive than I needed. It told me what I needed to know, though, so armed with the basics, I set about making a pitcher for the party.

I started out by using my trusty food mill to “juice” the tomatoes.

It's harder than it looks.

It turned out to be just right for the job with the fine mesh attachment, and before I knew it, I had plenty of nice, pulpy (but not too pulpy) tomato juice.

Then it was time to add the vodka. The internets told me that the ratio was 1:1 tomato juice to vodka, and that sounded crazy to me, but what do I know? So that’s where I started. I gave it a quick taste test, and let’s just say it pretty much made my hair stand on end, so I added a bit of extra tomato juice to tone it down a little. I mixed in the rest of the ingredients (not really measuring much — just eyeballing it since I was doing an entire pitcher), poured a sample glass, garnished it with a leafy stick of celery, and it was go time.


It was a good drink, and, as one of our fellow Texas Exes put it, it turned out to be just the right strength for the game we were about to witness (ouch). Nonetheless, I think I’ll stick to mimosas as my brunch drink of choice in the future — especially when blood orange juice is available… mmm.

Bloody Mary

3 cups tomato juice
2 cups vodka
1 Tbs. Worcestershire sauce
3 Tbs. lime juice
Black pepper to taste
Tabasco sauce to taste

Pour tomato juice and vodka into a pitcher filled with plenty of ice. Add other ingredients and stir well. Serve well-chilled over ice.

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