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Twitchy Thursday

Yeah, I don’t have a new cocktail for tonight. I could probably use a cocktail, though. I’m feeling a little twitchy. Tapering for a half marathon is nowhere near as bad as a marathon taper, but I do have a wee bit of the old taper madness.

Exhibit A: I can’t stop eating Halloween candy. I have an insatiable sweet tooth right now, and with no other viable options in the house, I have been tearing into the stuff I had stashed back for trick-or-treaters. Sorry kids. No Reese’s cups left.

Exhibit B: I am obsessed with logistics. What will I wear? What if my ponytail holder breaks? I forgot to pack Body Glide! I need to wash my water bottles! Do I have Luna Moons? What about breakfast?

Yeah, so that leads to obsessing about baby logistics, too. Will she be awake when I need to leave in the morning? The race starts at 7:15, and she’s usually up between 6:15 and 6:45, so it’s anybody’s guess. Will I be able to nurse her, or will I need to pump, because, frankly, there is no way I’m running with full boobs — ouch! Will she nap well while we’re traveling (the smart money says no). Pleeeeeease tell me she’ll still sleep through the night.

I have an admitted tendency to obsess over Nora’s schedule. It drives my husband crazy. I see myself as Protector of the Schedule, and yes, that is a proper title. I know that a weekend trip is an extraordinary occasion, and I should just try to go with the flow, but, hello, I am not really a “go with the flow” kind of person. Nora does so well when she keeps to her regular two-nap schedule, and I’m always afraid all hell will break loose if I mess with it and she’ll never sleep again. Aaaaaaaaugh.

It will be okay. We will survive the weekend. I’ll run the half marathon for which I have been training for weeks. I may not PR, but I’ll do fine. And we will all be okay.

Vacation takes on a whole new meaning when you have a kid, doesn’t it?

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