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Pomegranate, revisited

Just a brief follow-up to my pomegranate post from last week…

Firstly, I took Emma’s suggestion to seed the fruit underwater — brilliant!

Less mess.

It not only makes the process less messy, it’s also a lot faster, since you don’t have to be extra-careful not to pop any seeds (which you’ll end up doing anyway). Also, any pith floats to the top, making it easy to skim off.

Secondly, on my latest trip to Whole Foods*, I somehow managed to pick up organic POM pomegranates instead of the conventional fruit I was going for. Since pomegranate isn’t one of the dirty dozen, I don’t stress too much about whether it’s organic, and since organic was priced at $3 apiece, but conventional was still $2 apiece, I meant to grab the conventional.

*Also known as Whole Paycheck. I shop there too much.

However, either someone piled organic pomegranates on the wrong pile, or I accidentally grabbed the wrong thing, because they rang up as $3 apiece. Being Budget Betty, naturally, I asked if they had rung up properly, and, after checking, the clerk ended up giving me the lower price, assuming they had been misplaced.

I got lucky — the organic pomegranates were fantastic quality, and yielded lots of juicy, deep red seeds. In fact, one fruit yielded over 10 ounces of seeds!


That’s compared to 8 ounces from the conventional pomegranate. Doing the math, at full price, that’s $0.30 per ounce, versus $0.25 per ounce for conventional. I’d say it’s worth it to buy organic next time, since the price per ounce is similar, and the quality is superior.

Thus endeth Part 2 of a way-too-in-depth analysis of the price of pomegranate seeds. But I can’t help it — it’s what I do.

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2 Thoughts on “Pomegranate, revisited

  1. I was just reading this while my husband was crankily trying to get the seeds out of the pomagrante that I also bought at Whole Foods this week. The water is sooo much easier!

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