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Winter sun cocktail

Now that we’re deep into winter, we’re also deep into citrus season — Meyer lemons, blood oranges, grapefruit, mandarins, mmm. What better to do with winter’s bounty than make a cocktail to toast the season?

To winter.

I was ticked pink when I ran across the recipe for the winter sun cocktail at Two Tarts (which I can already see is going to become one of my new favorite blogs). Clementines, lemons, and rosemary are a stellar combination. Cheers!

Winter Sun Cocktail
Recipe from Two Tarts, with my modifications; makes 2

juice of 4 clementines (about 1/2 cup)
juice of 1 Meyer lemon (about 1 oz)
1 oz Cointreau
3 oz vodka
several sprigs of rosemary
lemon zest
sugar (preferably baker’s sugar)

Juice the clementines into a cocktail shaker. Zest the lemon into a small plate with sugar and mix to combine. Use the juiced fruit to moisten the rim of your glass and dip the rim onto the plate to coat with sugar.* Juice the lemon into the cocktail shaker, and add Cointreau, vodka, a spring of rosemary, and plenty of ice. Shake vigorously and then pour over ice. Garnish with rosemary sprig.

* You can save any leftover lemon-y sugar in a container in the fridge for future cocktail adventures!

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