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Mesclun salad with honey lavender vinaigrette

Today I made a salad for lunch. Not just any salad, though — a salad made from greens from my garden. I went outside with some scissors and cut mesclun greens, and a few leaves of baby spinach for good measure, directly into the salad spinner.

That's fresh.

I also made a vinaigrette with lavender from the yard. How’s that for eating local?

I had one piece of Amici’s pizza and a breadstick left over from dinner last night, so I made the salad as a side. Turns out, it was just too darn good for the pizza. Not that I’m knocking the pizza — Amici’s is great — but the salad was awesome, simply because it was so fresh.

Yes, please.

This is why I love gardening. I sowed these babies as seeds, and look what I’ve got now (plus a whole lot more still in the garden box). All that hard work pays off!

Here’s the rough recipe for the vinaigrette, which was inspired by something I had at Trulucks years ago. I love that it’s a little sweet, which goes perfectly with tender young greens.

Honey Lavender Vinaigrette

3 Tbs extra-virgin olive oil
1 Tbs champagne vinegar
2 tsp honey*
pinch of fresh lavender
salt to taste

Crush and roll the lavender between your fingertips to release the fragrance. Add it with the other ingredients to a small bowl and whisk quickly to emulsify.

*Preferably lavender honey, but any good-quality honey (local if you can) will do.

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