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Our last First Friday

Now it’s time for me to wax nostalgic about Ridge, our favorite winery. It’s also a local winery, since they are only 15 minutes away from us* up in the Cupertino foothills.

*From where we used to live… *sniff*

First Friday lineup.

We are members of their ATP Club, so we’re often seen at Ridge’s First Friday events, tasting some spectacular wines and sampling whatever Christopher has cooked up, which this month was a fabulous Toasted Sesame Oil-Basted Grilled Tempeh topped with Tahini-Tamari Sauce.


The tempeh paired so well with the wines, and the sauce was a little bit of heaven. I’m not usually a big fan of “fake meat,” but this was so good I just may have to try it myself soon.

This was the last First Friday we’ll be able to just drive up the road to attend, and that makes me more than a little sad. Not only do they make fantastic wines, but the Monte Bello tasting room is situated in a jaw-droppingly beautiful spot.

What? Am I in your way or something?

The folks in the tasting room are all extremely friendly and knowledgeable, and they have really created a nice little community of wine lovers here. I will miss that a lot. But, at least we’ll still get our wine shipments in Texas. Now I just have to talk to Christopher about how he’s going to get me samples of each month’s culinary offering…

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