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Honey bourbon cocktail

Before we left California, we threw a big party to clean out the liquor cabinet, since we had to bring everything we wanted to take in the car with us. With our much-depleted bar, now that we have landed in Texas, it has been a challenge finding new cocktails to feature lately.

But, never fear! Bourbon to the rescue, once again. Add some great local honey and some of my brandied cherries, and it’s sold.

Come to mama.

We will rebuild the bar, slowly but surely. Until that day, I don’t mind relying on good ol’ bourbon every now and again.

Honey Bourbon Cocktail
Loosely based on this recipe from Cosmopolitan

2 oz bourbon
1 oz honey
1/2 oz hot water
5 brandied cherries and a couple of teaspoons of their liquid

Put brandied cherries in the bottom of a shaker and muddle. Add all the other ingredients with ice. Shake well and strain into a glass.

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3 Thoughts on “Honey bourbon cocktail

  1. I could use one of these right now… yes I know it’s only 11:30… one of those weeks!

  2. Hmm…Scott would enjoy this one. I’m not that fond of cherries. But I don’t know. You make it look so yummy, I really ought to try it!!

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