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Champagne cocktail

Let’s continue with the champagne theme, why don’t we? Last week, I opened a bottle of sparkling wine to make a mimosa. With the “leftovers,” I decided to make a champagne cocktail.

Yes, please.

This is one of my favorite cocktails because it is so simply delicious. As with a mimosa, start out with good, but not great, sparkling wine. I like to use blood orange bitters for a nice twist, but any old bitters will do in a pinch. Cheers!

Champagne Cocktail

1 sugar cube, or 1/2 tsp sugar
dash of blood orange (or other) bitters
sparkling wine

Drop the sugar cube into the bottom of a champagne flute. Add a dash of bitters, and pour sparkling wine over to fill the glass.

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7 Thoughts on “Champagne cocktail

  1. Does this work better with a dry or an already sweet champagne? It sounds delicious. I’ve never actually known what to do with bitters before.

    • Definitely try a sparkling on the drier side — anything too sweet would be a little much with the sugar. Of course, you can always adjust that to taste!

  2. We just made one of these this weekend. I like the champagne theme!

  3. I LOVE a good champagne cocktail!!

  4. Bitters with champagne, I’ve never tried that. I have a bottle of cava we just picked up that I’d like to do something more interesting with and this may be just the ticket.

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