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On the run

I’m in a really blissful place with my running right now. That’s a little shocking, given that it’s June in Texas, and it hasn’t been any less hot or humid than you might imagine. What’s my secret? Routine.

Yeah, I know. It isn’t glamorous. But, honestly, I do so much better when I’m on a solid schedule.* Generally, that means training for a race. I make out a training schedule in Excel (yes, I am a dork like that), print it out, and post it on the fridge. Every day, I check off my run. If a run was particularly good, it gets a smiley face, or a frowny face for an especially bad run. If I skip a run, I have to rearrange it. It keeps me on the straight and narrow.

* As does my daughter. Hmm.

I’m not training for anything in particular right now, but I found a wonderful running group when I moved to Austin. It’s a running group for moms — how cool is that?! We focus on strength and speed, and, presto, it comes with a weekly schedule!

On Monday evenings, I go to core class to work on my abs and cross-train a little bit. On Thursday mornings, I cart Nora up to the store and we go for a run with the other mamas (usually hills or some kind of speed work). On Saturdays, I go for a long run (presently 6 to 8 miles), and on the other days (minus Friday, my rest day), I push Nora in the jogging stroller, with or without a quick stop at the park to play, for 2 to 4 miles. It has turned out to be the perfect schedule for me. I am dealing well with the heat, getting out and running 5 days a week, and making some new friends in the process!

Last weekend, I ran the sMiles 4 Sammy 5K, which was only my third 5K ever. Several of the Rogue moms ran, and we tacked on runs to and from the store to make about 6 miles. Apparently, warming up properly agrees with me, since I managed to run it in 27:50. That’s a PR, and it was actually good enough to land me third in my age group! It was a small race… but still!

Nora cheered for me, so that helped.

This weekend, I ran 8 miles out at Brushy Creek Trail, and it felt great. Despite the early hour, and the fact that I arrived back home soaking with sweat and ready to guzzle water and collapse on the couch for a while, it was a great. It was one of those days where I loved running. Absolutely freaking loved it. Most days I like it, and some days I don’t, but the reason I keep running is for days like that.

This fall I’m planning to start the Austin Distance Challenge, culminating in what will be my second marathon next February, and I’m absolutely psyched. I’ve always pretty much been a solo runner, but I know that I’m so much stronger with the support of my Rogue mamas.

So here’s to schedules, new challenges, loving running, and keeping it up through the summer!

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10 Thoughts on “On the run

  1. Congratulations! It’s so awesome to connect with people in a new home. I know you have family in the area, but it’s still hard to be ‘the new kid’, and you’re minimizing that by bonding so closely with these other Rogues. I’m no runner, but it doesn’t matter what you connect over as long as you bond!!

  2. Wonderful blog! The value of a running schedule and doing it with others can’t be beat. Thanks!

  3. Wow, congrats on the PR and on finding a great routine! I’m also really big on having specific goals and a training schedule. I think that’s why I started to drift a little last month and skip my runs. I hadn’t had a race to train for since March! So far, the running streak has helped get me back on tracks, but I definitely plan to sign up for some races (and maybe even look for a runner’s group) later in the summer.

  4. evahowe on June 4, 2012 at 5:15 pm said:

    That sounds awesome! Good luck with the training schedule 🙂

  5. You go girl!! I am laughing thinking of you and your printed out excel sheet. You’re right though, schedules make it all work.

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