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Editor’s Note: You’ve all heard a lot about the hubby, and he kindly offered to write a guest post for me on this Cocktail Thursday. I’ll have you know, there was plenty of negotiation over deadlines and editorial privilege! I’ll just be putting my feet up with a glass of wine this evening. Cheers!

Now the story of this a-here drink I am about to unfold took place in the late 90’s — just about the time of our conflict with Slobodan and the Kosovars. I only tell you ’cause for some movies, there’s a beverage… I won’t say a “cocktail,” ’cause what’s a cocktail… but sometimes, there’s a beverage…

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First, I’d like to introduce myself. I am the dear hubby of the empress of this here blog. I shall style myself Gourmet Omnivore Husband. This is my first guest post,* and I am here frankly because this is a drink that Lauren, sadly, does not appreciate. She is a huge fan of the Dude, however… which is good since we’ve seen it probably 50+ times. There is no doubt that without The Big Lebowski, I would probably have never given the Caucasian (as the Dude calls a White Russian) a second thought.

* Ed: Wait, what? I don’t remember offering him more than one guest post!

I’ll have a Caucasian.

It fails to contain my preferred spirit (bourbon), and I usually prefer to keep away from stuff like heavy cream. But, when you watch a movie in which a drink features so prominently, and so brilliantly, you have to drink it, usually while watching the movie itself. Watching Lebowski without a White Russian in hand would be like watching Bottle Shock or Sideways without a bottle of California red.

I reckon we should get on to the recipe, which isn’t that complicated.

White Russian

2 oz vodka**
1/2 oz Kahlua (shade up to 1 oz if you prefer a sweet drink)
1 oz milk (shade down to 1/2 oz if you use heavy cream, which I think is too heavy)

Combine all ingredients. Mix with a spoon or other swirler. Enjoy.

** As with all our vodka-based beverages, I share my wife’s preference for Tito’s, though a strong case could be made that what you add into this one could permit a cheaper choice (although Tito’s is already pretty cheap).

If you prefer not to imbibe, you could always try a Sioux City Sarsaparilla. That’s a good one.

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8 Thoughts on “The Dude Abides

  1. I prefer to imbibe, yes, thanks. More on the alcohol, please. And definitely, Lauren should give you more opportunities to regale us!

  2. Les Virgil on June 28, 2012 at 3:15 pm said:

    And a very fine post it is, too!
    One question: Are you going to allow this aggression to stand, man?

  3. But does it really tie the room together?

  4. Ha, I like a Black Russian myself, but I appreciate both. Great guest post. Great movie.

  5. If your preferred spirit is bourbon, try making the coffee bourbon infusion from Boozed + Infused and substitute that for the Kahlua in this recipe. It would be delicious!

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