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Cherry aviation

So let me start by saying I totally screwed this drink up. It was still good, though, so why not share?* Inspired to try my hand at an aviation cocktail by Putney Farm’s recent post, I went in search of maraschino liqueur at my local liquor store. The clerk pointed me to Cherry Heering, which, as it turns out, is actually a cherry liqueur.

*Also, I have had about zero time to experiment with cocktails this week due to a family funeral, so cut me some slack. Cocktail Thursday must go on!

I didn’t realize the mistake until I opened the bottle and realized it was red, not colorless as I expected. Oh well — worth a shot!

Cherry-licious, even if it was an oops.

The resulting drink was good, and a nice change of pace for this new gin experimenter, but definitely different than I’d imagine the original to be. I’ll have to go to a different liquor store next time and see if I can find actual maraschino liqueur (and Creme de Violette while I’m at it) and give it a second go. In the meantime, does anyone have any good ideas for the rest of the cherry liqueur? I’m kind of stumped.

Cherry Aviation
Based on this recipe from Putney Farm

2 oz London dry gin
3/4 oz fresh lemon juice
1/2 oz cherry liqueur
lemon twist for garnish

Combine the gin, lemon juice, cherry liqueur, and plenty of ice in a cocktail shaker. Shake vigorously and strain into a cocktail glass. Garnish with a lemon twist.

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10 Thoughts on “Cherry aviation

  1. Look for recipes that call for cherry brandy. I bet it could swap with that. Or does it taste more like grenadine? In any case, looks like a nice drink!

  2. This one sounds like a drink my husband would enjoy – he’s the maraschino lover in our family. He’ll be highly amused that I’m proposing something from your site that I think he’ll like but I won’t!

  3. Thanks for trying- It was probably pretty tasty. Heering is a great ingredient- so you still have something really good to play with. Heering is part of the singapore sling, and other drinks. We will post a recipe but here are some quick links to a bunch of recipes with Cherry Heering:


    • Ooh, thanks! Yep, it worked just fine, but I’m eager to try out the real aviation… plus I could make maraschino cherries with the liqueur, so where’s the downside?

      • Indeed- the maraschino liqueur works for a buch of drinks past the Avaition. After Cointreau, probably one of the best liqueurs to have in your bar…

      • Maraschino Liqueur is disgusting. It smells and tastes nothing at all like the maraschino cherries most people are used to. To make your own maraschino cherries, you would be better off using Disaronno and possibly simple syrup and/or a little whisky.

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