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Breakfast for Dinner

Hey! It’s a post that’s not about running! This is still a food blog, right? Right.

So let’s talk breakfast for dinner. While I’ve been ramping up the miles, I haven’t been devoting as much time or energy to cooking (shocking, I know). So what’s my favorite lazy meal? Breakfast for dinner, of course!

scrambled eggs

Not too long ago, a put together a super-easy dinner of scrambled eggs (with some scallions and parsley thrown in for good measure), sourdough toast, frozen oven reds (thanks Alexia — you always come through in a pinch), plus a quick and easy chipotle-sour cream dipping sauce. The sauce doubled as a great spicer-upper for the eggs, too. In fact, it was such a favorite that I’ve made it several times since, and I’m including the recipe (such as it is) below, so that you can enjoy it, too.

My secret to great scrambled eggs? Cream cheese. I totally stole that idea from an old friend who used to be a line cook. They turn out creamy, fluffy and delicious every time. That is, if you can keep your little kitchen helper from eating all the cream cheese before it gets mixed into the eggs!

Breakfast tacos are always a hit, too. Scrambled eggs, plus some frozen hash browns, sour cream, cheese and salsa? Yes, please.

breakfast tacos

Wrap it all in a tasty homemade tortilla (or even a store-bought one — I won’t tell as long as it’s one of the good ones) and you’re got yourself a tasty meal.

Our recent favorite breakfast-for-dinner is biscuits and gravy, but that’s the hubby’s department. Just a nice ladle of cream gravy on top of a fluffy homemade biscuit, plus a couple of fried eggs, is an awesome meal.

biscuits and gravy

Hubby can’t resist adding a side of bacon to his, but he makes the gravy vegetarian for me. True love!

He recently discovered the recipe for Hisako’s biscuits in The Salt Lick Cookbook and has been going to town making them — which makes me plenty happy. They are awesome biscuits, and the leftovers are great with a little butter and honey for breakfast the next morning.

honey biscuit

I think that makes it breakfast-for-dinner-for-breakfast, right? That just about blows my mind.

Chipotle Sour Cream
Recipe type: sauce
Prep time: 
Total time: 
  • 1 chipotle chili in adobo, minced
  • 1 cup sour cream
  • garlic powder to taste (optional)
  • salt to taste
  1. Mix all ingredients well in a small bowl. Add salt to taste. Serve atop breakfast tacos, or scrambled eggs, or as a dipping sauce for oven fries.


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9 Thoughts on “Breakfast for Dinner

  1. Great ideas. I also like to make a sweet potato hash, with or without meat, and a fried egg on top and some greens on the side. Savory and sweet and yummy.

    • Oh, I do love a sweet potato hash! Greens on the side is a great idea. That’s the one thing about breakfast for dinner — other than veggies mixed in with eggs, I have a hard time actually getting vegetables in the mix!

  2. Yes! Why yes it does. And your running posts, like Idiosyncratic Eye’s knitting posts, are totally enjoyable. I love learning about something that someone enjoys from an insider’s perspective. For me, as a writer, it’s a way to grow in descriptiveness and accuracy.
    Jester Queen recently posted..Sam’s LamentMy Profile

    • I’m so glad to hear that! In the end, it’s my blog and I get to choose what I write about… but I do feel a loyalty to my readers, especially those like you who have come this far with me. So I’m glad I haven’t bored you to tears, at least. 😉

  3. I love having breakfast for dinner! Those biscuits look incredible….

  4. I love breakfast for dinner, and breakfast-for-dinner-for-breakfast sounds even better to me.

    I think I need to make biscuits during winter break. They are such a treat.
    kirsten@FarmFreshFeasts.com recently posted..Orange Cherry Oatmeal Muffins (Monday or President’s Day Muffins)My Profile

  5. We were just talking about breakfast for dinner. I never do it. I don’t know why. I do love curried eggs however.
    Tammy recently posted..Feeling PresidentialMy Profile

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