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Roasted parsnips with apples

I never really know what to do with parsnips when they show up in our CSA box. Thankfully they keep well, since it gives me some time to come up with uses for them, other than making veggie broth or throwing them on the compost pile.  However, I read recently that they’re quite nutritious*, so I decided to try them in a recipe for Nora.

* I will confess that I am a little prejudiced when in comes to veggies and fruits, since I tend to feed Nora (and myself, for that matter) by color. The more colorful a meal is, the more diverse nutrients it must have. This is a pretty good shorthand, but there are some tricky colorless foods out there, like parsnips, that are nutritionally valuable.

Personally, I think parsnips are pretty boring on their own, so I added some apple to the mix and roasted everything with a nice coating of butter.

Butter makes everything better.

They were a hit with Nora, and, as an added bonus, I was able to freeze the leftovers in baby-sized portions for use in future meals. Gotta love that!

Butter-Roasted Parsnips with Apples

3-4 parsnips (depending on size)
1 apple
1 Tbsp butter, melted

Peel the parsnips and apple. Chop the parsnips into coins, and the apple into bite-sized chunks. Toss the parsnips and apples with the butter. Spread in a baking dish and bake for 30 minutes, or until tender. Serve or freeze in individual portions for later use.

Cinnamon apple chips

Fall is here in full force, and that means it’s apple season! The tree in our backyard is dropping apples faster than I can keep up, and we keep getting bags of apples in our CSA box, so I am constantly looking for new ways to use them before they have to be thrown in the compost pile.

Nora likes apples, but I can’t blame her for getting bored with eating them the same way over and over. Enter cinnamon apple chips!


A friend mentioned trying to make these recently, but hers were unfortunately a fail — they burned. My interest was piqued, though, so I decided to give them a try.

I simply peeled, sliced and cored several apples, sprinkled the slices with cinnamon, and baked them at 200° on a parchment-lined baking sheet. After an hour, I flipped the slices, and baked them for an hour on the other side. They turned out perfectly — crisp, but not burned.

Nora loved them. She gobbled them up like candy, and she seemed to enjoy the slight crunch. The grown-ups were not as thrilled with them (really, they were just kinda boring), so we’ll just leave these as a baby treat. I’m sure Nora won’t mind — more for her!

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